Hundreds of Bay Area Youth Receive Life-Changing Financial Education

OAKLAND, CA, November 23, 2015 – Community Bank of the Bay announced today that it it is engaging the greater community to complete a goal of reaching 10,000 financial capability challenges by December 31, 2015 using a new, fun, and mobile financial education game called Thrive ‘n’ Shine. Developed by the innovative, Oakland-based education technology company MindBlown Labs, Thrive ‘n’ Shine is a life simulation game that combines the fun and entertainment of popular mobile games with experiential learning and a financial education curriculum.  Say good-bye to workbooks and pens. . . Thrive ‘n’ Shine brings financial literacy into the 21st century and meets teens where they are!

More than two-thirds of the way to the goal of 10,000 completed financial capability challenges, Community Bank of the Bay has made Thrive ‘n’ Shine available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. Simply search for “Thrive ‘n’ Shine,” download the app, and enter “4CBB” for cool, exclusive content.

A unique aspect of Thrive ‘n’ Shine is that students are able to demonstrate mastery of financial concepts by completing financial capability challenges within the game, such as: establishing an emergency fund, purchasing an automobile, and paying down their student loan debt. Community Bank of the Bay has already impacted the lives of more than 500 young people through its sponsorship of Thrive ‘n’ Shine at several local schools, including Envision Academy (Oakland), Impact Academy (Hayward), and REALM Charter School (Berkeley). The vast majority of students say that playing Thrive ‘n’ Shine has caused them to dramatically improve their financial behaviors in real life.  

Gail Myers, a 9th – 12th grade economics and life skills teacher at Foothill High School, said: “I've never seen these students so engaged in any curriculum that I have tried."

William S. Keller, Community Bank of the Bay’s President & CEO, said: “Our partnership with MindBlown Labs allows us to further deepen our relationship with the Oakland and Bay Area community by ensuring that local teens and young adults are on the right path to make smart decisions with their money. Thrive ‘n’ Shine is a very innovative tool that we’re confident will make a huge difference in thousands of local students’ lives.”

Jason W. Young, Co-Founder and CEO of MindBlown Labs, said: “Thrive ‘n’ Shine creates an engaging and interactive learning environment that enables teens and young adults to experience important money-related concepts through their avatars. By sponsoring Thrive ‘n’ Shine, Community Bank of the Bay demonstrates that it is cutting-edge, forward-thinking, and committed to empowering the next generation of Bay Area residents to take control of their financial futures.”

About Community Bank of the Bay

Community Bank of the Bay (CBB) is a relationship bank, headquartered in Oakland, which offers FDIC-insured deposit services to individuals, businesses and non-profits.  It is also an SBA Preferred Lender that specializes in providing flexible financing to small-mid sized businesses.  CBB (OTCBB: CBYAA) was the first bank in California to be certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and is one of only three CDFI banks in the Bay Area.  CBB is also a certified Bay Area Green Business, rated 5-stars by Bauer Financial for safety and soundness and Bank of the Year by the Western Independent Bankers Association in 2015.  For more information, visit

About MindBlown Labs

Based in Oakland, CA, MindBlown Labs is a nationally-recognized education technology company that creates highly-engaging, experiential learning tools that empower teens and young adults with financial capability skills.  It was recognized as one of the Brilliant 100 Companies of 2013 by Entrepreneur Magazine, and its CEO, Jason Young, was appointed to President Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans. MindBlown Labs partners with financial institutions, such as community banks and credit unions, who sponsor Thrive ‘n’ Shine for their local schools, non-profits, and communities.  Learn more at

About Thrive ‘n’ Shine

Thrive ‘n’ Shine is a highly-engaging mobile (and web-based) game that empowers teens and young adults with critical money management skills. Coupled with a flexible, experiential learning curriculum, it is the perfect tool to help students relate to, experience, and master important financial concepts.  

Unlike other financial education games, Thrive ‘n’ Shine allows players to make whatever decisions they want and then see how their decisions impact their avatars’ lives.  Players go to work to earn money, which they strategically spend and save throughout the course of the game, while dealing with life challenges ranging from securing a meal to paying for college.  They also travel through three SIMS-esque towns and make thousands of financial and life decisions.  By playing Thrive ‘n’ Shine, students get exposed to and interact with numerous critical financial concepts, including budgeting, saving, paying taxes, managing debt, pursuing higher education, etc.  By growing skilled at Thrive ‘n’ Shine, players gain financial skills that have value in real-world scenarios.  To view a trailer of Thrive ‘n’ Shine, go to