Invitation to Participate in an Innovative, National
Financial Capability Study

The U.S. Department of the Treasury established the Financial Empowerment Innovation Fund to develop, test, and evaluate new ways to empower Americans with their finances and help them access safe and affordable financial products and services.  MindBlown Labs, an education technology company that has developed a financial capability mobile game, in partnership with the Economics Center from the University of Cincinnati, was awarded a research contract by the Treasury Department to develop and evaluate a new, innovative framework for providing school-based financial capability instruction to high school students.

The project team is currently conducting a national search to identify credit unions and high schools that are interested in participating in this study during the 2015 – 2016 school year.

Using a strategy that blends a practical, hands-on learning curriculum, teacher training, and an experiential learning tool, the mobile game Thrive ‘n’ Shine, this approach seeks to improve students’ financial literacy, financial capability, and financial self-efficacy (henceforward, we will refer to this program as the TEx2 Experience or TEx2).  Additionally, TEx2 bridges classroom-based financial education with students’ access to actual savings accounts, through a school-based credit union, as well as behavioral outcomes related to students’ interacting with real financial concepts.

More information about the study and components of the study can be found at the following links:

If you would like to speak with a member of the project team about the study, please contact us with any questions or to express interest in participating.