Thrive 'n' Shine is a turn-key financial education program that enables you to build relationships with schools and impact your community.

Let us help you figure out how Thrive 'n' Shine can meet your business and impact goals.

Key Benefits of Thrive 'n' Shine

Community impact


Make a huge impact on your community in a mission-aligned manner. By financially empowering students, you will reinforce your commitment to the community and have a powerful story to tell.


school Relationships


Establish strong relationships with schools and non-profits by providing them with a much-needed resource, an turn-key program that empowers students with money management skills.


Increased Reach

Reach many more schools, youth, and other community members than you could on your own, and with less time. Because Thrive 'n' Shine is so accessible and easy-to-use, it makes it very simple for you to scale your reach and impact.


Ease of use

Thrive 'n' Shine is a turn-key financial education program that includes everything that teachers and facilitators need to be rockstar presenters. The program includes the game, lessons, assessments, an online dashboard, and more!

Differentiation through innovation.

Set yourself apart from other institutions by providing your community with an innovative educational experience. When players save money, pay bills, and take out loans in Thrive 'n' Shine, they'll do so at your in-game financial institution. You'll not only improve your relationships within your community, but also leave an indelible impression on numerous members of the next generation. Thrive 'n' Shine will place you at the cutting-edge of experiential education and mission-alignment.

MindBlown Labs will provide you with several components that will make your Thrive 'n' Shine Experience very easy to implement and a resounding success, including: branding & clickable links in-game; direct outreach to schools & non-profits; marketing materials; curriculum & assessments; monthly data reports; digital certificate; and more! Above, please see a few samples of these materials.

Featured Partner

Financial Institution: Community Bank of the Bay
Time Frame: Dec. '14 - Dec. '15
Key Impact Metrics: 

688 youth impacted

10,421 financial challenges completed

12,663 visits to in-game financial institution

Student Testimonials

“It is super fun! It doesn’t feel educational, even though it is!”
“Instead of spending money right when I get it, I have been saving it since we started Thrive ‘n’ Shine.”
“It teaches us kids how to spend time wisely and how to manage our money.”

student and teacher reflections


There's only one way to find out if Thrive 'n' Shine is right for your institution (hint: click the button). We promise to keep the first call brief and less boring than Economics class in Ferris Bueller's Day Off!