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We help you reimagine what’s possible and activate Millennials in retirement planning.
We’ve spent the past decade engaging Millennials around investing for the future. We’ve used technology, games, and more old-fashioned means – sometimes we talk to them, too. Now, we’re applying our expertise to the retirement industry to help you redefine your Millennial engagement strategy and increase your market share.

What we do

We provide strategic insight and product development around gamification to engage Millennials in the retirement process.



We leverage the power of games and customer-centered design to help you develop solutions for Millennials that are bold, innovative, and effective.


This is our passion. Many members of the MindBlown Labs team have seen their family members and friends struggle with personal finance. For us, it’s not just business. . . it’s personal.

Want to capture the next generation?


Most Millennials are confused and overwhelmed by the retirement process. They’re excited about retiring– they just have no idea how they can save enough.


What if there were a more engaging and less intimidating way for them to understand and plan for retirement?

Food For Innovative Thought

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Don’t spend another night trying to come up with a Millennial strategy alone. Let’s get a conversation started and reimagine what’s possible.